Summer Vacations in Switzerland

Summer vacations in Switzerland: That means hiking along crystal clear, cool mountain lakes, exploring the wonderful, diverse landscapes by bike. Excursions to casual swimming pools on rivers or lakes, exploring Switzerland by train or taking the mountain railroad up high and enjoying impressive mountain panoramas. Last but not least, a city trip in the summer is also particularly suitable. Let our selection inspire you.

Photo: Lake Cadagno, Quinto, Switzerland


Ascend a peak, hike through alpine meadows, explore a forest? You decide! Thanks to over 65 000 kilometres of waymarked trails, virtually every corner of Switzerland is waiting to be discovered. The paths are well marked and as varied as the scenery – in fact, they quickly become an end in themselves.

Photo: Passwang Pass, Mümliswil-Ramiswil, Switzerland


Switzerland is Europe’s water reservoir. Some of the longest rivers on the continent originate here. Discover the most beautiful lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and gorges in our country.

Photo: Verzasca Dam, Vogorno, Switzerland

Highlights by train, bus and boat

Switzerland by train, bus and boat: The way of travelling that is as exciting as it is relaxing. Swiss public transport carries travellers away to the most fascinating panoramic routes, the most beautiful mountain summits and the most romantic boat tours.

Photo: Filisur, Switzerland

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